Nickelodeon, Kodcentrum and YouTube star Vlad Reiser came to visit the Kodkampen winners at Ramdala School.

Two classes at Ramdala School in Karlskrona won the big coding hack Kodkampen that was announced earlier this year – a collaboration between Nickelodeon and Kodcentrum. In this competition, kids were encouraged to try coding and programming in a playful and instructive way. The contestants created music videos of their own versions of the hit songs “Girls” and “Bae” by Norwegian pop duo Marcus and Martinus.

The winners, 75 pupils  from the 4th and 5th grade were super excited finally got to meet the popular YouTube star Vlad Reiser. During the day they also had the opportunity to ask Vlad Reiser questions.

– “I’ve been following him for like three years. It feels super cool that he’s here. I always wondered if I’d ever get the chance to meet him” said Loke Nordström, a pupil from Ramdala School.

Throughout the day Reiser was very impressed over the students’ involvement when it came to coding music and programming.

– It was so much fun to visit Ramdala School and I really felt how happy the kids were around my visit. It felt like they realized this was a big event and thought that it was cool that I come to their school. Coding is really the future, says Vlad Reiser.

All the best,
Viacom Nordics.