Sofia Geere is our Senior Programming Manager for MTV, Comedy Central and VH1 in the Nordics. 

What does a typical day look like?
– They vary a lot from day to day which makes it fun and I can honestly say there is never a dull moment! In the morning I might be screening a new show to see if it fits on our channels, then later on the search begin to find the best possible position for it in our schedules. An everyday must is to track the performance of the channels to see what tweaks we can do to make the schedule even better. I attend a few meetings every day and all departments work together to make sure we get the best possible out of the schedule. I find it exciting to see the result of the team’s effort!

What’s Viacom as a workplace like?
– Everyone here is very dedicated to their job, friendly and positive! We care about the end result as well as each other. This atmosphere comes from what I think Viacom stands for.

Tell us something we didn’t know about you!
– I used to be a coach in Synchronized Swimming for many, many years… As competitors do their routines to music, you are exposed to a massively diverse range of tracks and learn to love all kinds of music. On my playlist you will find Depeche Mode, Joe Bonamassa, Sia, Iron Maiden, Fleet Foxes…the list goes on! It’s broad, to say the least.

Tell us about a campaign that you’re extra proud of.
– When I began working here we completely changed the structure of our schedules, for all channels. Quite scary when we didn’t know for sure it would work but we believed in the idea. It took some time for the viewers to get used to the new line-up but we stuck to the idea and it has now proven to be the right move!