Daniel Andersson is our Vice President Strategy & Operations in the Nordics.



What does a typical day look like?

I spend a lot of time in meetings with people from across all departments, discussing how we can develop our business further. I’m in a wonderful position of being able to work with all sorts of questions, spanning programming, marketing, sales, finance and business development. This makes my typical day atypical, challenging but most importantly fun!

What’s ViacomCBS as a workplace like?

First and foremost friendly and collaborative. The Nordic office thrives on having great, passionate people who are always keen to engage and do their outmost for ViacomCBS and each other!

Tell us something we didn’t know about you!

About 9 months ago I picked up yoga by joining a class called Yoga for Guys Who Cannot Touch Their Toes. I got hooked and today I do some mobility and flexibility exercise every day.

Tell us about a campaign that you’re extra proud of.

I’ve been with ViacomCBS since August, 2011. Since then the Nordics in general and ViacomCBS Nordics in particular has transformed multiple times. I’m proud of our joint ability, as a team, to drive change through creativity and calculated risk-taking. This has led to the creation of innovations such as Paramount+, the formidable success of Nick Play and great partnerships with players such as Viaplay.