In MTV’s new series Lindsay Lohan’s Beach Club, we follow Lindsay while she’s running Lohan Beach House in Mykonos, Greece. The actress has taken on a whole new role as an entrepreneur in the show in which she puts hard pressure on the hosts to make sure they look after their well-known guests.

In Lindsay Lohan’s Beach Club, the viewers will see a new side of the former child actress who nowadays runs a beach club in Greece. Lindsay and her colleague Panos makes high demands on her handpicked team of young and ambitious hosts and hostesses, whose tasks are to take care of the club’s exclusive guests in the best possible way.

– We’ve been visited by so many wonderful guests. From DJ’s to movie stars, and more. Some of them you’ll actually see this season, but you have to watch it to find out who they are.
It’s never peace and quiet in Mykonos, says Lindsay Lohan.

During the series we get to know the ambassadors while they’re living together in Mykonos. The line between romance, friendship and work gets more and more blurry – at the same time as they have to fight not to make Lindsay disappointed.

Who gets to stay in Mykonos and Lindsay’s Beach House? Do not miss Lindsay Lohan’s Beach Club on MTV’s Nordic platforms. The series will also be available on Paramount+.