Last Friday we celebrated Viacommunity Day worldwide as well as in the Nordics by giving back to our communities. Viacommunity Day is an annual company day of service when we put all of our resources towards bettering our local communities. As well as contributing to our communities our offices are also working as teams and enjoying each other’s company. It’s the most important day of the year where we get the chance to engage in important questions and charities that benefit society. Our offices in the Nordics worked on many important matters alongside different nonprofit organizations.

At the Stockholm office workshops and lectures were held in collaboration with MIND, a charity that works for mental health. We got to use our professional skills to help MIND create an even more efficient communications plan and business packaging; while our creative department created graphics and edited videos for MIND’s benefit. The goal is to help MIND raise awareness and gain interest from volunteers and sponsors. There was also a group of people who helped repaint an apartment for Kvinnojouren, an organization that assists and gives shelter to women in need.

Our office in Denmark engaged in the Ronald McDonald Foundation and visited Ronald McDonald House. We contributed with toys and smiles for children and their families in need. Ronald McDonald Foundation provides housing for families of kids with needs that can only be accessed at specialist hospitals, which are often located far away from their homes. That’s why Ronald McDonald House offers housing for these families to provide a family friendly environment on the kids journey to recovery.

We are really happy to have been able contribute to nonprofit organizations like MIND, Kvinnojouren and Ronald McDonald House. They are working hard towards a better society and Viacom is proud to be able to take part in that by sharing our resources.

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